2 Italian Grappling Open NoGi

2 Italian Grappling Open NoGi

In attesa delle regole in Italiano, segnatevi la data:

19 Dicembre e il luogo:Verduggio con Colzago ( Monza / Milano)

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2 Italian Grappling Open NoGi 1

GRAPPLING NO-GI Competition, men and women division, open to any Italian or foreigner athlete (even not living in Italy) over 14 years old of age. To compete there is no need to be affiliated to FIGMMA or FIJLKAM federations.

We invite everyone to load videos of the competions on www.youtube.com sending the link at the email address  info@figmma.it so that it can be published on FIGMMA website.

DATE: On 19th of December –Sunday-
LOCATION: Palasport Via dell’Atleta, Veduggio con Colzano (Milan area). Free entrance for the crowd.
Click here to see how to reach the venue:


ORGANIZATION: Società sportiva “ACCADEMIA KAMA SEREGNO” del Maestro Dino Fuoco – www.accademiakama.com – in cooperation with Federazione Italiana Grappling Mixed Martial Arts (FIGMMA) – www.figmma.it
INSCRIPTIONS: within Thursday 16th December 2010 on internet through www.figmma.it (on the home page click on “Iscrizione Italian Open” that is under the flyer of the competition). It is absolutely required to sign to the competition online within the date above indicated. It will be not possible to sign the day of the competition at the venue. The weight division chosen on-line is not binding. The fee to compete will be done at the weigh in. The fee is 20 euros for the athletes affiliated with FIGMMA (Grappling) or with FIJLKAM or FILA license and 30 euros for all the rest.

RULES: Grappling FILA rules. Grapplers which don’t have rash guard and shorts of the sanctioned colours will wear a red or blue anklet, provided by the Organization.

TIME OF FIGHTS: 5 minutes +1 minute overtime (in case of draw).
SERIES: the athletes may sign to the competitions in 1° serie, 2° serie or 3° serie, depending on their experience.


Men: 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90, 110 kg, Absolute (no weight limits).

Women: 50, 55, 60, 65, 75 kg, Absolute (no weight limits).
WEIGH IN: All the grappler may decide to weigh in on the day or the day before. The weigh in will be done on Saturday 18th of December from 6 to 7.30 pm in Palaiseo, located in Milano, Via Iseo 10 and on Sunday 19th of December from 8.30 to 9.30 in Palasport of Veduggio, where the competition will be held. There will be no weight tolerance and the athletes and coaches are invited to not ask any exception to this rule.

At the weigh in the competitor will show a valid ID and then they will pay the inscription fee.The athletes affiliated to FIJLKAM and FILA have to show their licence. All the competitors need to sign a document, where they declare they have been examinated by a doctor and they are allowed to compete as an agonist. The medical certificate has to be valid.

AGE OF THE ATHLETES: The athletes must be 16 years old at least. The minor age grapplers must show the authorization to compete, signed by their parents. Presidents of all the clubs are responsable to check the respect of these rules by the athletes.

SYSTEM OF COMPETITION: elimination with repechage. The grapplers beaten by the two finalists will be repechaged. Nordic system in case of less than 6 grapplers in one division.


Veduggio con Colzano is located around 25 km’s from Milan, up in the North

Car: when in Milan you can reach the place through the SS26 way, exit Veduggio. By car the place is pretty close to Bergamo, Monza, Bergamo and Lecco, the main towns in the North of Lombardy.

Train: arrival in Milano Stazione Centrale from all the major european cities

Flight: arrival in Orio al Serio aerport (30 minutes by car from Veduggio) and/or Milano Malpensa (40 minutes by car from Veduggio and Milano/Linate (45 minutes by car from Veduggio)


In Milan, about 40 minutes from the venue, by car and 10 minutes from the venue where will be held the weigh in the day before the competition.

Centro Alberghiero Ornato, Via Luigi Ornato 64, Milano, tel. +39.02.6473512

Ostello Yha di Piero Rotta, Via Salmoiraghi 1 (ang. via Calliano), Milano, tel. +39.02.39267096

Hotel Bernina, Via Napo Torriani 27, Milano, tel. +39.02.66988022

In Veduggio’a area, at a few minutes from the venue, by car, where will be held the competition.

Hotel Molteni, Corso Milano 10, 20050 Veduggio (Monza e Brianza), tel +39.0362911446

Hotel Red’s, Via Don Rinaldo Beretta 24, 23981 Barzanò (Lecco), tel +39 0399272120 +39 0399210399

Quality Hotel San Martino, Via Europa , 23846 Garbagnate Monastero (Lecco), tel +39.031851700 () ?

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