Joe Riggs combatte contro Paulo Thiago

Paulo Thiago, il fighter UFC che a debuttato entusiasmandoci tutti ma che ultimamente non riesce a vincere (ha perso 6 degli ultimi 8 match) ha rinnovato il contratto UFC. Combatterà nella sua città Natale, Brasilia all UFC Fight Night 51: Bigfoot vs. Arlovski 2 di settembre.

L’avversario, che sarebbe dovuto essere l’onesto mestierante Mike Rhodes, si è infortunato e quindi verrà sostituito da Joe Riggs.

Riggs nonostante dimostri 60 anni ne ha solo 31 (questo è dovuto probabilmente all’alto numero di match – 40 vittorie e sconfitte) e arriva da una vittoria al bellator 106. Riggs è famoso sia per essere stato campione del WEC sia per la rissa all’ospedale con Nick Diaz (loool)

Match che non dice nulla per la classifica però potrebbe essere divertente (KO quasi sicuro)

Nella stessa card Bigfoot Silva contro l’altro ex cadavere Arlovski redivivo in UFC:

UFC Fight Night 51: Bigfoot vs. Arlovski 2

13 settembre Brasilia

  • Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Silva
  • Lukasz Sajewski vs. Leonardo Santos
  • Sergio Moraes vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio
  • Joe Riggs vs. Paulo Thiago
  • Igor Araujo vs. George Sullivan
  • Jessica Andrade vs. Valerie Letourneau
  • Efrain Escudero vs. Francisco Trinaldo
  • Johnny Bedford vs. Rani Yahya


  1. Ah ah ah! Il Darwin Awards! Una volta si diceva il ‘Mongolino d’oro’!! Adesso D.A. è veramente più elegante.
    E Joe Riggs rischia seriamente la nomination a ‘coglionazzo’ dell’anno!!

  2. Altra cosa: Ecco il resoconto della rissa con Nick Diaz

    Riggs recalled the altercation, “I go down toward his end of the hospital to find a doctor so he could watch me pee in a cup for the boxing commission, and he comes talking smack,” Riggs told MMAWeekly “I’m like, go back to the WEC. You’re bush league. You just got beat up. That’s two in a row. You’re out.”

    “I was just standing around talking sh#t to him. He was like, that’s it, and comes out of his room. I had my hands down. He starts coming up to me. I just never in a million years thought he’d throw a punch. He threw a right hook and hit me right in the chin. I mean it hit me right on the button. I seriously can’t say that I was knocked out, but I kind of went down to a knee. Then we just fought and scrambled. I put him against the wall and just Thai clinched and started kneeing the sh#t out of him. His nose was bleeding. I kept kneeing him, and they broke us up. That’s all that happened.”

    “I had an IV going. My blood was spraying everywhere. It was like a horror movie. I’m kneeing him and telling his brother, I’m like, come get your brother off of me. He was like, nothing I can do, man. No. His brother, that guy is an idiot, just hanging off his ball sack like a barnacle. I swear to God, I thought he was all for show. Nick Diaz is legitimately nuts. He’s crazy.”

    Diaz offered his version of the post-fight incident to MMAWeekly as well.

    “I walked into the hospital talking s**t. I had already talked s**t after the fight. After the fight, I went in the back, and I was all, f**k you, you f**king bitch. I’ll fight you all night. He was over here talking to a bunch of people and stuff, and I was like, f**k you. He was all, f**k you. I won. He’s all this and that. He goes, go back to the WEC motherf**ker. I go into the hospital, right? As soon as I walk into the door with my brother, this motherf**ker is strapped to a God d**n gurney. Okay? I’m like, what the f**k? I’m like, why are you strapped to a God d**n gurney?

    “I wouldn’t even have gone to the hospital, first of all. If I win a fight, I don’t even care if I need stitches. I ain’t going to no f**king hospital. I’ve got a press conference and all of that stuff. I would have taken care of that s**t first. So anyway, he’s in the hospital, getting his big steroided ass a f**king IV or whatever. Right when I walk in there, he is looking at me and he is strapped to a gurney. He was all strapped in, and I walked into my room. He was all, whatever. F**k you. I won. He goes, go back to the WEC. He was all like, go back to the WEC. I was like, f**k you, you f**king bitch. I’ll was, I’ll still fight you, you little bitch ass. I said, you don’t want to fight me right now. You’ll get your f**king ass whooped. The put me over in a little room, and he’s over standing with Billy Rush, or whoever the hell he was, his partner on the whole other side of the hospital. You know what I mean? There was like a nurses station and the emergency doors, right in front of the nurses station, and a little office room next to that. On his side, that’s the hallway, in between the door and the nurses station.”

    “Do you want to get your ass whooped or what? I was all, I didn’t even say that. I started talking sh#t to him when walked over to my room. He was talking s**t to me too, so I wasn’t going to sit there in my room. I got up out of my room, walked out of my room, and I was like, what’s up bitch. He threw up his hands and started doing his little Joe Riggs dance around and s**t. I f**king knocked him down. Then he got up and started trying to take me down. I turned him around. I put double under-hooks because he had a single leg. I put both my arms under his. I turned him because I’m hopping on one leg. So I hopped him on one leg, and I hopped him into the little office right next to the doors. You know, where the emergency doors open? You can’t get in, but you can get out unless you are an ambulance or whatever. I would have hopped him through those doors; I should have hopped him through those doors and outside, should have taken it outside. But I hopped him into this room and I started punching him in his face up against this wall in this room.”

    “And then the f**king security ran in and grabbed me. I stopped fighting the security and s**t. I was like, all right, all right, all right. I’m sorry. I’m sorry because they were about to tase us or some s**t. Seriously, they were going to tase us. The cops came in. I figured the cops would have arrested us, but they were Nick Diaz fans or whatever. One of them got an autograph. They were like, hell no I’m not arresting this guy. He’s my favorite fighter. I couldn’t believe it. We were in Vegas, so I figured that is the reason why. I signed some autographs for the police. He was like, get your brother man. Get your brother man. Get your brother man, please. He was like, get your brother man. He’s crazy. I’m like, f**k you. He walked over to my side of the hospital, though. I didn’t walk over there to his side of the hospital and try to fight him. I stayed on my side of the hospital. I stayed in my room. Okay?”

  3. > Joe riggs? Pensavo fosse morto…

    Lool no dai poveretto.. quello che secondo me campa poco è Junie Browning…

  4. Joe riggs? Pensavo fosse morto…

  5. Thiago ha un seguito gigantesco in Brasile e in questa card combatte a casa ergo fara il sold out e si crea un evento.
    il fatto che poi venga passata su fight card non mette nemmeno pressione a fare una super card… come ogni evento in brasile potrebbe non di meno essere spettacolare

  6. Card piuttosto scarsa per ora..
    Eppoi non ho capito il perchè l’ufc non rinnovi il contratto a gente come Guillard per poi rinnovarlo a sto cadavere di Thiago..

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